Mayhem The Monster


Mayhem The Monster is the worlds first animatronic monster that reads minds, performs magic, comedy and sings!  All whilst living inside a wooden crate.  This cool dude loves popping up for a chat and interacting with audiences young and old.

Mayhem The MonsterAs an exclusive character to us here at Animatronic Attractions Mayhem the Monster provides a unique form of entertainment very different from our other characters.

Nobody really knows how big Mayhem’s crate is inside.  Some have compared it to a mansion in size.  Living in a wooden crate has given Mayhem wonderful take on the world around him.


Mayhem the MonsterAs you might imagine he is full of surprises wether he is providing a set of live ‘Meet and Greet’ fun or performing one of his shows sets.

Mayhem is not just for children, adults in fact love his crazy character and personality.  They can also be found singing along with him too!


Mayhem The Monster – Current Show Sets Include:

Mayhem The MonsterMagic with Mayhem

Mayhem The Monster and our own Rob Gaffney present this wonderful show. Complete with Mayhem who reads the audiences mind, performs magic, sings and is funny!  Full of amazing moments with loads of audience participation and interaction.  The magic and mind reading are performed by Mayhem and not Rob!

Running time approximately 20 minutes.


Here’s a testimonial from a client about the show: ‘…Your act with Mayhem the Monster was fantastic!’ Andy Hine MBE – Chairman, Roller Coaster Club of Great Britian

Mayhem The MonsterWhat a Wonderful World

In this show Mayhem talks about travelling the world in his crate and all the various things he’s experienced along the way.  The show is full of comedy told in Mayhems own special way. This is a one Monster Show performed without any help from anyone but the audience who are just along for the ride!

Running time approximately 20 minutes.


All of Mayhem’s shows come with his own backdrop, props and lighting if required.

Visit our YouTube Channel EventAnimatronics to see more of Mayhem The Monster in action!

For more information on how Mayhem The Monster can share his magic, wonder and amazement with your next event visit our ‘Contact link.’  Mayhem is waiting to share his unique view of life, the universe and a little magic, mind reading, comedy and singing. Experience the magic of Mayhem today.

Mayhem The Monster