Flick and Page Talking Books

Attention book lovers of all ages. Our literary best sellers ‘Flick and Page Talking Books’ have just arrived here at Animatronic Attractions.  They are ready to share stories of adventure, wonder and amazement with all those who enjoy books.

Flick and Page Talking Books are master story tellers that bring back the excitement and joy that printed word brings to us all, young and old alike.

Flick and Page Talking BooksHonestly ask yourself, when was the last time you were able to talk to a book?  Well now you can to Flick and Page Talking Books!

Imagine the look on peoples faces when they get to see Flick and Page in mid flow telling stories and tales.  Have you been naughty or nice this year? Nice, that’s great as Flick and Page regularly help out Father Christmas with a ‘Live and Interactive’ naughty and nice list at his grotto!


For more videos of Flick and Page Talking Books visit our YouTube Channel EventAnimatronics.

Flick and Page Talking BooksThese two adorable talking books love telling stories and having conversations with all ages.   Perfect for libraries and bookshops who want to create a special interactive book experience.

 Flick and Page Talking Books…

Flick and Page Talking Booksare the only two animatronic talking books that are in the United Kingdom.  Flick and Page are just as at home talking to people in a ‘Meet and Greet’ type situation as they are providing a story telling show.  Have you got a story to tell, then why not get one of them to tell it for you.  Children and Adults with love hearing what these guys have to say.

As they say never judge a book by it’s cover!  To have Flick and Page Talking Books at your next event please visit our ‘Contact link’ above to find out more information.  Flick and Page Talking Books look forward to meeting you at an event soon.