Chalkie the Chimp

Swinging into action straight from the jungle is Chalkie the Chimp. He will keep audiences amused with loads of fun, interactive antics.  He is a unique, cheeky chap, happy to create a special spark of entertainment for you and your guests at your next event or venue.


Chalkie the ChimpChalkie the Chimp

can wear different outfits to suit your event and is seen on the right at a Halloween event in costume.  Children and adults love chatting with him.



Chalkie the ChimpThis cheeky chap is most at home interacting live with your guests in a ‘Meet and Greet’ type of situation.

Chalkie the Chimp…

Chalkie the Chimpas with all of our attractions is also able to provide a range of short stand-alone shows that will delight and amuse everyone who watches.

Inside or out Chalkie the Chimp is capable of livening up your event with something special that will leave them talking for quite a while afterwards.


For more videos of Chalkie the Chimp visit our YouTube Channel EventAnimatronics.

Chalkie the ChimpTo find out how this jungle fellow can swing into action at your next event please contact us above using the ‘Contact link’.  Chalkie the Chimp is waiting to answer your call with his state of the art cordless ‘Banana Phone!’  So what are you waiting for, call him today.

Chalkie the Chimp