Bakewell the Dragon

Here’s a character that is quite different indeed?  Everybody will love this amazing fellow and soon fall under his spell.  Bakewell the Dragon has a magic of his own that makes events and venues come to life.  So if folklore and tradition are what you are after then Bakewell is just for you!


Bakewell the DragonBakewell the Dragon is one of those characters who just warms peoples hearts with his fun antics and goings on.  There is something about dragons we all find irresistible and he is no exception.



Bakewell the DragonHe sits on top of a book on an ancient stone column holding court with all who pass by. You will find him to be very talkative and quite the conversationalist! Children and adults will love having conversations with Bakewell.

Bakewell the Dragon…

Bakewell the Dragonis perfect for ‘Meet and Greet’ at your next event or for keeping guests entertained during busy periods like check-in or change-over days at hotels and holiday camps.  Like all our attractions he is also available to perform and entertain with a range of short stand-alone shows that are funny and amazing to watch.


Bakewell the Dragon Hot Air SmokeBeing a red dragon he is quite at home in Wales and regularly visits castles there working his magic and folklore on the guests.  If you are lucky enough to see him at an event or venue outside he might even breath some smoke as he tries to lure you under his spell!


For more videos of Bakewell the Dragon visit our YouTube Channel EventAnimatronics.

Bakewell The DragonTo enjoy the folklore and magic of Bakewell the Dragon at your next event please contact us above using the ‘Contact link’.  We would be delighted to tell you more about him and how he can help make your event more magical.  After all he is ‘Dragon-tastic!’

Bakewell the Dragon